We've all been stressed, we've all searched for something to help us feel amazing inside and out and, let's face it we all love tea right?

Lauren chats with Sarah Hadgkiss, founder of Tea With Me as she talks about her journey with the Tea With Me brand, the detoxing benefits of organic ingredients and how this little bag of brilliant helps with breakouts, energy levels and puts us women back on top of our game again!

Tell us about the concept behind Tea With Me Australia, how did it all begin?
The Tea With Me journey started when my skin began breaking out in my late twenties, I tried every single treatment, procedure, cream and medication with little or no results.
Coming from the modelling industry, this proved to be extremely frustrating as I needed my skin to be as clear as possible to book jobs.
Ready to give up, I then had a blend created by a nutritionist for my skin that actually completely clear it back to my skins original state, giving me back my confidence.
This made me really excited and eager to share with other women across the world.
I truly believe that when a woman feels confident, she is unstoppable. 

What is the most common use for your teas?
Our most popular teas are: Skin Elixir; assisting to clear skin from conditions such as eczema, blemishes, and mild acne.
Lady Elixir; Assisting meopausal symptoms such as mood swings, hot and cold flushes.
And our Skinny Elixir; Assisting with proper digestion, increasing energy and reducing unnecessary cravings.

What is the greatest thing Tea has taught you?
When your body needs to tell you something, it will show you on the outside.
After experiencing such positive results, I am a strong believer in herbal remedies and now ensure it is in my care and medications.

How can Tea With Me enhance the lives of Brides and their ladies prior to their big day?
You want to feel beautiful on your big day, we can get so wrapped up in our venue, guest lists, make up and dresses and forget to look after ourselves from the inside. This is by far just as important.
I personally recommend these teas in preparation for your big day:
- Skin Elixir. This is not  only to assist with clear skin but glowing skin also..
- Calming Elixir: Trust me, I know how stressful the lead up can be!
You need to take time and just relax, stressing constantly can have a snowball effect, only making things worse, this is supposed to be a beautiful and exciting journey for you.
- Skinny Elixir. By looking after your digestion and cravings, you will feel better about yourself; you will have more energy to get through the tasks without feeling sluggish and demotivated.
Yerba Mate, which is a main ingredient in this blend, is an Argentinean herb that has the strength of coffee but with the health benefits of tea.
This particular tea provides lasting energy throughout the day rather than a quick boost that results in  crashing within an hour. It also feels a lot cleaner for your body.

What are your top 3 tips for women wanting to stay on top of their game?
Exercise! Not just for your body but for your  state of mind.
Also don't stop just because you day has passed, you deserve to feel your best all the time.

What is your favourite Tea and why?
Skin Elixir, I do  not leave the house without it!
It has become like a security blanket!

What's next for Tea With Me?
We are constantly innovating new blends to help women look and feel their best.
We have been receiving letter from husbands thanking us for restoring their wives confidence.
We love that! That's why we do what we do. 
We also have new Hair Elixir blend, which is high in Silica -a mineral that is vital for healthy hair growth.

Want to jump on board the Tea wagon?
Sarah has so kindly offered our readers 15% off their purchase.
Simply use 'bride15' at the checkout. 

Get in touch with Tea With Me:
Twitter @Teawith_me

An absolute pleasure to chat with you Sarah. Thank you for sharing your experience and insight into a new lease on life for many who strive to feel their amazing selves all over again.
We know we'll be heading straight for that Skinny Elixir!!

Enjoy rediscovering your beauty from within ladies! 
- Lauren x
Founder; Etc. Event Styling