Who doesn't love cake, right? And who doesn't love a bit of Instagram food-stalking?
Well; We've combined two of our favourite pastimes to bring to you, The Cake Edit.

A collective of our favourite sweet treats for your Birthday, Wedding, Event, or Friday-fun-day-vibes
(Because we all know calories don't count on a Friday) with of course; some handy wedding-cake tips from one of our favourite bakers.

You're welcome!  x
(no apologies for the sugar cravings!)

- Cascading cakes drizzled with decadent sugary goodness.
- Baked goods adorned in fresh florals.
- Colourful parade of bright hues teamed with Donuts, Chocolates, and Meringue.
- Simplistic natured cake with neutral tones, marble patterns and subtle hints of colour.

We had a chat with Lismi Wong of Bitez NZ and asked her to share her top 5 tips to consider when it comes to your Wedding Cake. 

As a bride you have a lot do. Lots of planning, organising and researching.
But when it comes to cake, let me make it easy for you. 
I have five tips that will help ease the task of ordering your special cake!

1. Budget.
The baker usually has a price list for wedding cakes and depending on the complexity involved; costs can be added on to these prices.
If you have a budget in mind, let the baker know first-hand and they will work with you on accomplishing this requirement and also provide options for you to choose from.

2. Theme & Style.
What is the theme of your wedding? Retro fun? Classic elegant? Country garden?
Once you have decided on your style, it is easy to pick a cake design that fits well with your overall look.
If you have collected photos of inspiration, ensure you share these with your baker. 
Stationary, Wedding gowns, Flowers, Stories etc. are all great sources of inspiration.

3. Weather.
If you're having a summer outdoor wedding, keep in mind that buttercream, whipped cream and meringue-based frosting can melt in such conditions. Liaise with your baker on alternative options such as naked cakes or fondant cakes to adjust to the elements Mother Nature may throw at you during wedding season.

4. Food Allergies & Preferences.
Mentioning of any allergies or food preferences to your baker early-on is of high priority.
Factors such as Gluten Free, Nut Free, Egg and Dairy Free, Vegan etc need to be considered and mentioned to your baker in order to comfortably cater to you and your guests appropriately.
These factors may limit your flavour choices, but less choices make decision-making all the more easier!

5. All About You.
Some couples choose 'safe' flavours so their guests can enjoy the cake with them. 
Common flavours are Vanilla, Lemon, and Chocolate.
These are all fabulous flavours, however if I could suggest this; If you have a favourite, or find an unusual flavour off the menu, go with it! It is your wedding, your day and your cake, so enjoy every single element of it and ensure your cake is a representation of you!

Enjoy! - Lismi x

Find Lismi's creations on Facebook here, on the web here or on Instagram here.


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