Well, it's almost the end of one year and already we're seeing some hot trends emerging for the new year.
We take a closer look at our top 9 wedding trends for 2016, and even add in a couple of trends we're not so keen on, too.

1. No more Rustic.
In 2016 we'll move away from hessian and mason jars and say hello to deep bejewelled tones with an enchanted/woodland vibe for the new 'rustic wedding' look. Giving it a pop of colour and a much more elegant feel to the decor.
Lots of warm lighting and candles mixed with fine linen and close attention to detail.

2. Lace, Lace and more Lace.
An elegant lingerie look is hitting the runways hard for 2016.
Lots of sheer, feminine and floral embellishments for Bridal gowns next year with an emphasis of free-flowing movement with light weight fabrics and sleeve detail. Simply gorgeous!

Above & Below:  Reem Acra  

Above & Below: Reem Acra 

3. Prints out. Hand-written & Foil In.
Customisation with a hand-made touch makes it's way into all things stationary with personalised messages and letterpress foil detailing.
Taking the humble invite & name card to new heights acting as a little keepsake, too beautiful not to take home with you!

4. Non-boring Venues!
Yay! We're so thrilled about this one!
It's now considered 'trendy' to break away from traditional function centres and wedding venues and instead, go for quirky places with significant meaning to you as the couple.
Going for old Barns, old Town Halls, Warehouses, Full Outdoor Receptions, Heritage buildings and Studios to name a few.
Our pals at WedShed pride themselves on quirky Venues (and vendors alike) Check it.

5. Out: Alternate plate drop. In: Grazing Stations/Shared Platters/Food Trucks.
(Another one that's got us excited!)
Gone are the days of choosing Chicken, Beef or Fish as alternate dishes for your guests' main affair. Now, more than ever, guests are personalising their menu a little more and presenting them in a grazing station or shared platter style.
Encouraging guests to interact and start conversations. -Just like Christmas dinner with the fam!

Food trucks are also becoming popular, adding a bit of quirk to a relaxed style wedding.
Pizza and Taco stations are a growing trend and Ice-pop stands after your summer ceremony are a big hit too!

Huffington Post

Huffington Post

her campus.com

her campus.com

6. Full on Florals.
Flowers will depict more bold jewel tones with loads of texture and foliage making a come back in both Bouquets, and Table centres.
A romantic feel to your blooms will be amplified with a 'just picked from the garden' look and we'll move away from the clean-edge/structured dome look.
Dramatic floral arrangements and garlands will also be a key look for 2016.
Truly making these a breathtaking accessory.

Belle The Magazine

Belle The Magazine

7. One Colour, taken to new heights.
No more pastel pink mixed with pastel lilac mixed with pastel yellow mixed with pastel blue.
We'll now start to see one colour, in many shades.
Mixed hues of the same colour paired with textured linens and hints of metallic. Taking your colour pallet to new, bold heights.

8. View from above.
Aerial Photography will be a big one for 2016.
An amazing perspective that can capture the most wonderful moments.
And; definitely a talking point for the photo album.



9. Full Weekend Weddings. Heck Yes!
Wether you're having a destination wedding or are staying close to home; why does it only have to be the one day?
Now we're seeing guests start a couple of days before-hand with low key celebrations, then the main event next, followed by a chilled-out after party over the next day or two.
Brides and Grooms are sticking around longer to continue the celebrations before jetting off on their honeymoons.
More couples are choosing to stay for the whole event also, saying goodbye to the 'traditional' send-off and often leaving when last drinks are called and with their guests.

A couple of Trends for 2016 we're not so keen to see:
1. Selfie Sticks.

Really, need we say more?
Just promise us you won't spend half the night 'peace and pouting' and missing out on the true experience of the whole reason why this event exists. The newlyweds!

2. Recharge Stations.
Earlier we mentioned food stations. Massive tick in our books!
Now, we're seeing power/recharge stations emerging in the new year.
Yes, people are including stations to recharge their phones!!
Whilst technology can be awesome, it can also be distracting. If you can't bare to go without a snap chat check or a swipe of tinder for a few hours, then you don't deserve to be attending the party of the century. Put the phone away, reconnect with the people around you and celebrate the night away! No need for 'power stations' in our opinion.

Share your trend predictions below and let us know how you're planning to celebrate in style.

And to all you love birds out there tying the knot this New Years Eve, a big congrats from all of us here at Etc.
Thank you for your support throughout 2015 and we shall see you in the new year for a bigger and brighter roller-coaster wedding ride! Yeah! x

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