We hear it all too often. That "as soon as you mention the word Wedding, the price goes up!'
So today, We're going to set the record straight and tell it how it really is.

Don't get me wrong, there are unfortunately companies out there that will drive their price up because the margin is much higher for a wedding for them. That action is on them, not the whole wedding industry. This really saddens me to be honest because there are some fantastic companies out there working their butts off for a lesser pay-cheque and all to better you. It upsets me how it is tarnishing the industry.
Us wedding planners & Stylists want nothing more than to exceed your wedding dreams and we always always treat your day as if it were our own. We don't get practice runs on how your day will turn out so of course we put 110% in to ensure it's amazing.

Now there are several factors as to why a wedding costs so much.
We'll detail some of these reasons from our experiences in the industry in hope that we can shed some light on the topic for our readers.

Consider the differences.
If your wedding requires extravagant ceiling draping, guest tables adorned with centrepieces, pressed linen, glowing fairy lights and backdrops then it is going to cost 'x' amount.
If your bar mitzvah or debutante requires extravagant ceiling draping, guest tables adorned with centrepieces and pressed linen, glowing fairy lights and backdrops, then chances are it will probably cost you just the same.
In our experiences; the only price difference that could occur here in this example would be travel fees, venue size, guest numbers and booking availably. In some cases, we're already booked and do require additional staff for these functions.

We charge what we're worth.
It's no joke that planning a wedding can seriously take over 200 hours. 
If you consider how much furniture, catering, beverages, linen, florals etc cost + times your hourly wage by 200 hours, then you're going to get a high figure.
Our days aren't between 9-5pm. We're up at the crack of dawn, and head to bed when the roosters crow.  We often miss our weekends with our families, and toss and turn brain storming elements for your wedding day through the night.
We commit ourselves 110% to you and your day, and this takes time -a lot of it. 
We do it because we love it, and for that indescribable feeling of joy we get when we step back, exhale and soak in all the wonderful creations we've just installed whilst we wait for the bride to meet her groom at the alter. That feeling, is why we do it. But we do deserve a fair pay for our time.

Things take time.
Sometimes a wedding can take far longer to install than a engagement party or birthday. Hence why the price becomes higher. A lot of other factors may also contribute to the price such as whether you require staff to stay during the event, guest numbers, duration of the event, location of the event, and in some cases that date of the event.
These are all legitimate factors that can fairly contribute to a more expensive event or wedding.

Is it custom?
Wether it's a gown, a cake, a flower or a alter. If it's custom made just for you; chances are the price is going to increase. If deadlines aren't met and things need to be especially ordered in a express timeframe then prices are going to increase.
Giving your supplier ample time to order these things tends to ease the price tag. 
And if you feel you can get a little handy on some things, why not give building it yourself a go. We love incorporating hand-made items from our clients into their day. It still means they can be involved without having to stress about absolutely everything, and within reason, we're more than happy to set these items up for you on the day, complimentary!

If you stop by your local florist and pick up a bunch of roses, get them gift wrapped and pop them in a vase at home, then yes they are going to be cheaper than a wedding bouquet.
Whenever us Florists arrange a bouquet or centrepiece, each flower is carefully considered.
From the moment we design your arrangements and then submit your order to our growers, the selection goes through a strict process of seasonal availability, colour schemes, bloom size and many more factors.
Once the flowers are in our possession, each and every stem is carefully trimmed.
Every petal is plucked and primed ensuring no bruising or natural defects are shown. From here, foliages are stripped and some flower varieties require wiring. This means every single stem is individually hand-wired so it can sit perfectly in your bouquet. Then the careful and often strategic arranging occurs finishing with hand-binding in your chosen ribbon or twine.
And it doesn't stop there. We then have to ensure these arrangements last until we deliver them to your doorstep. This includes temperature monitoring and ensuring they get plenty to drink and safe transport. 
Flowers are a delicate and perishable item and they go through quite a lot from when they're picked, to when they end up in your hands down the aisle. This requires a lot of detailed planning and handling, and therefore the cost does increase.

We ask that you please take from this, an udertsaning of the sheer time and effort that goes into ensuring your day, in every element, is absolutely perfect.
From polishing glassware, to ironing countless linen table cloths & napkins, to the 5am starts and 2am finishes. We do it with genuine love and we at Etc. can honestly say we charge fairly based on these factors. 
When determining how much things cost for your wedding, of course naturally compare pricing and ask your suppliers questions. A difference in your cost should be the level of service you receive.
Take into consideration the client meetings, liaising, planning, site visits & extra behind-the-scenes stuff. If one supplier can't promise a certain standard of execution & availability compared to another, you have your price difference answer there.

Good luck!

Etc. x

Photography Credit: Samantha Wills Bridal, J'Aton Couture, Jane Hill Bridal, Georgeous, Claire Aristides Jewels, Pinterest, Luke Lornie & our own Etc. Archives.