It's the all important question on every bride's lips... what's hot and what's no longer for the 2017 wedding season ahead.
We've trotted the online globe in search of our top picks for the Australian bride's go-to style guide for the new year ahead. Stumbling across swoon-worthy details that are hitting our shores next year as well as past trends we bid farewell, strap yourselves in for our best inspirational wedding ride yet!

ONE. Crowning Glory:
Not just for the race that stops the nation anymore, we bid farewell to the beautiful fresh floral crowns and say hello to gorgeous detailed crowns designed by top Australian milliners adding a touch of royalty to your bride-style and we are swooning over this look!

Top - Bottom: 1. Vydia Instagram and De Millinery. 2. Jane Hill Bridal. 3. Viktoria Novak.

TWO. Let them eat Antipasto:
Yessss! If you're as big a fan of savoury grazing stations as we are, then this hot trend is sure to get your tastebuds excited. Fine local produce remains a high importance on your big day and is now considered a must to help keep your guests' bellies full especially during the intermission between ceremony and reception.
But wait, it gets better. Roaming plates of canapés will stick around a while longer but creating a jaw dropping grazing station is the big hit for 2017. We're taking tables covered in savoury goodness and styled to insta-worthy perfection. A gourmet centrepiece for this period within your evening and paired with cocktails and bubbles and a few fun games is sure to keep your guests entertained on all levels.

Top - Bottom: 1. Your platter matters. 2. Platter Co. 3. Love find Co.

THREE. Chancing it with Mother Nature:
Couples are living on the edge a little in 2017, and well like it!
Whilst our best advice is to always ensure you have a wet-weather backup plan, we're absolutely loving the open-air trend to outdoor wedding receptions.
Marquee framed structures without the roof and sides give a beautiful free-flowing atmosphere and if you're lucky to have that beautiful summer breeze, then you're on to a sure winner!
Styling these structures is also a Wedding Stylist's dream as the options are endless for lighting, suspended florals and gorgeous table centrepieces. This trend is perfect for those receptions with a view, allowing your guests to spill outdoors and soak in all that gorgeous scenery without having to harshly section off zones with walls and dividers.
This option also works beautifully for a sunset reception without having to swelter in the summer sunshine. Love love love this trend!

Top - Bottom: 1. White Events. 2. After the rock weddings. 3. Katie Harmsworth Photography. 4. MOD Wedding. 5. The Lane. 6. Pinterest.

FOUR. The bold lip:
In the new year, Brides are really embracing making a statement on their wedding day and truly stamping it with their own 'brand' rather than following tradition, which we love. So, makeup is no exception here. Straight off the runways, Brides are embracing these beauty trends on their own runway down the aisle. Bold lips

Top - Bottom: 1. Chantelle Baker Makeup for The Style Co. 2. Loho Bride. 3. Bridal Musings.

FIVE. Dreamy draping:
Soft, free-flowing, dreamy and elegant. All resinate perfectly with this styling trend and although it has made an appearance in 2016, we see this look ramping up in the new year and carried through from decorating to wardrobe.
This look is less of a structured and neatly pressed style and more of a 'free' style that instantly relaxes you because of the lack of harsh lines.
From ceiling draping, backdrops and wedding arches to bridal party gowns and hair styles. This look puts you on cloud nine and leaves room for fate and the imagination to take lead, instantly making your wedding experience a relaxed and a dreamy day. 
Playing with soft textures such as chiffon and silks and pairing them against beauiftul furniture and architecture really highlights this beautiful style. We can't wait to style more of this look in the new year!

Top - Bottom: 1. Anna Campbell Bridal. 2. Jane Hill Bridal. 3. One Day Bridal. 4. Nomad Styling. 5. Etc Events. 6. Georgeous. 7. The Lane.

SIX. Wild-garden inspired florals:
We're so delighted this look is sticking around for another wedding season. 
Giving the effect that your centrepieces are still growing freely as they would in the garden is absolute beauty. This style of floral arranging right throughout your wedding works incredibly well with most styles of weddings. From the dreamy draping look, to even a contrast to your structured and clean-line style, displaying your blooms how mother nature intended will continue to enhance your day as the perfect accessory... you might just have to get first dibs on taking them home afterwards because we guarantee your guests will want to keep these beauties and we certainly can't blame them. Just gorgeous.

Top - Bottom: 1. Cecilia Fox. 2. Dear Delilah. 3. The Details Co. 4. Dear Delilah for Etc. Events. 5. Cecilia Fox.

SEVEN. Bringing back Balloons:
Creative installations are still a must during 2017. Wether that be with your antipasto tables or florals and lighting dripping from the ceiling but in the new year we see the return of a party favourite - the humble Balloon.
We're not talking about the ones on a stick for the middle of your tables, we're talking cascading oversized installations upon beautiful architecture with hints of floral or metallic detailing.
If you're after a showstopping talking point or an epic Photo Booth opportunity, these beauties are a must!

Top - Bottom: All images via Belle Balloons

EIGHT. Short and Sweet:
Long gone are the lengthy ceremonies of one hour or more. We see a rise in keeping your nuptials personal but short and sweet, keeping this element of the day to 20-30minutes tops.
Along with this new trait we see the tradition of the Bride arriving late, also long gone. Brides are punctual and only leave their guests waiting for her arrival no longer than 10 minutes.
Couples are eager to to start the celebration and mingle with their guests and are becoming more mindful of warm weather during these lengthy ceremonies. More and more couple are opting for a true relaxed feel to the entire day and moving away from strict traditions and lengthy speeches, ceremonies and first dances. 

NINE. What Bonbonnieres?
Throwing the celebration of the century with top company, amazing food and contagious dance floor moves seems to enough when it comes to gift-giving to your guests.
Bonbonnieres (or guest favours) are no longer considered a necessity as couples are saving their pennies on the novelty gifts and instead throwing a fantastic experience for their family and friends and we believe that your guests aren't necessarily expecting these details anymore.
A wedding is all about who you're with and the atmosphere. Those are the details that make your day a stand-out and we're so excited to see couples adopting this non-tradition along with their guests. Our tip; save your pennies and put it towards that Antipasto table ;)

TEN: Colour trend - Our pick:
There are loads of gorgeous colour combinations out there, and our advice is to always go with something that resonates with you BUT if we had to pick a jaw-dropping colour combo, we can't go past muted tones of grey, peach, pink and soft champagne with touches of metallic gold that bounce beautifully off hints of dark burgundy & burnt warm hues.

Top - Bottom: 1. Gloss Creative. 2. Sheridan J Hung. 3. Cecilia Fox for Gloss Creative. 4. Boutierre Girls.

From all of us here at Etc. we'd like to thank you for your wonderful support throughout 2016 and we wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year! 
See you all in twenty-seventeen! xx