How to take control of your wedding ...and your life during the planning process.

We all know how easy it can be to get swept up in the magic of wedding planning
but it can also quickly turn from excitement to 'work' but it doesn't have to be this way.

Our creative director Lauren answers your most frequently asked questions
and gives us some helpful tips in turning your Bride-zilla into a Bride-chilla.

It's all a little daunting. Where is the best place to start planning?

The best place to start your wedding planning is to firstly decide on a date for the wedding.
From here I recommend researching these top five wedding categories who are the first to be booked out during wedding season.
1. Venue for both Ceremony & Reception
2. Wedding Photographer
3. Celebrant
4. Wedding planner/stylist
5. Caterer

The best places to find the perfect vendors in these categories can be researched via our favourite resources here:
1. One Fine Day
2. WedShed
3. Ivory Tribe
In print:
Hello May Magazine
5. White Magazine
6. Testimonials.
Ask your friends, venues, everyone on who they found to be a dream to work with on their wedding day and ensure you check out testimonials on these suppliers' websites.



Everyone has a opinion on my wedding. 
How do I handle everyone's input all at once?

It is only natural for your friends and family to be just as excited about your upcoming day as you are.
However suggestions and advice can quickly turn into a blunt gesture and make you question some of your own decisions.
It's been said before but it's simple and true. It's your day, and your day only.
I'm a huge advocate for branding the day with your own quirkiness, personality and humour
and making it a real reflection of who you are as a couple.
A wedding should be as unique as you are, so although friends and family can have useful advice,
and we should always remain open to learning new things,
don't feel pressured into a right and wrong way to do things based on traditions
or how your friends and family have done their own weddings.
Keep it unique and keep it you.

Now, this is all well and good but how do we communicate this to our insistent loved ones?
1. Remember they are coming from a good place. They will always have your best interests at heart and want the best for you. 
2. Just like a relationship, Communication is key.
We can't read each other's minds and therefore need to voice our love, our praise, our concern.
Simply have a chat with these people and gently let them know where you stand.
Keep is casual. No one likes an 'intervention' situation so take them out for a coffee, go on a walk together,
make an afternoon tea date (cake sweetens any situation haha) and just gently thank them for their advice,
reassure them that it is valued advice and that you and your partner want to keep it genuine to who you uniquely both are
and that it would mean the world to have their faith and support in your decision with this.
Assure them you have everyone's interests at heart but you do want the day to be just for your and your partner
and this decision backs that and gives you both such excitement in planning this day.
3. Remember to still include them in some of your planning.
Like dress fittings or tastings, so they still feel like they're valued in this process.
4. Eat more cake. Who doesn't love cake!

Is there such thing as a Wedding/Life balance?

Absolutely! Just like a work/life balance, you need to maintain
a wedding/life balance.
Most of us spend a decent percent of our lives at work therefore need to ensure we still enjoy life outside of work and take time out for ourselves in order to nurture our wellbeing.
The same goes for wedding planning. Sometimes (only if you let it) it can feel like an added job to your resume. It is a big task but it doesn't have to take over your life.
Here are my top three tips for maintaing that balance to achieve a zen Bride vibe.

1. Do what you love. Weather it's going for a walk, brunch dates, catching up with friends, sewing quilts.
Just keep doing what you love. This is your way of giving back to yourself and grounding yourself.
If we work work work and don't factor in time to enjoy the things we love then we can quickly spiral into a
stressed out version of ourselves.
2. Excerise. It's a natural release of endorphins and it makes us feel amazing. 
If you love the gym, work on smashing some personal targets. 
If you love a more gentle form of exercise, take up yoga.
It lengthens you, concentrates on your breathing and strengthens your mind and your body.
If you're not really the exercise type, grab the dog or some girlfriends and walk to your coffee shop rather than drive.
Walk to get the groceries instead of drive.
Just simply getting outdoors and soaking up that vitamin D can do wonders!
3. Make time for you and your partner. Keep up those dinner dates, movie dates or even couch time to just talk to each other.
Don't lose sight of the things you do as a couple and don't replace them with wedding planning together.
Stay connected to yourself and your partner and your wedding planning will seriously be a fun process. 


The cost of a wedding is overwhelming. How do I manage this? 

These days, yes, the cost of an average wedding is usually more than you would expect
but there are many tools you can use to lower the anxiety around money.
1. Budget. Budget. Budget some more.
Gain quotes and price lists from your vendors to see what each one offers and their pricing.
This will give you a guide as to how much these categories will amount to.
You must ensure these suppliers genuinely get along with you. If a cheaper supplier doesn't have that same connection with you both
and passion for your wedding, then it's more likely than not that you will get what you are paying for.
2. Over budget? Communicate with your favourite suppliers on how they can help you achieve the look/feel/taste within your price range.
Don't be afraid to voice your budget either. Wedding vendors are great problem-solvers and quick thinkers
so if there's a substitute or alternative they can advise on then this will only benefit you more.
A good vendor won't rip you off if you voice your budget,
this is purely to give them boundaries when designing and quoting accurately for you.
3. Choose suppliers with friends.
Great suppliers will have great friends in the business and are often able to package things up
and score some great deals for you by binding together their services.
4. Track your spending. 
Use a excel spreadsheet to track your spendings and keep an eye on your budget.
There are also some amazing apps out there to assist you with this like 'The Wedding Budget Calculator' for $2.99.  Or Easy Weddings have made a handy template for you to follow here.
5. Maintain a good relationship with money.
An amazing read for feeling confident about your finances is this Lisa Messenger book, Money and Mindfulness $29.95.

My partner isn't too interested in wedding appointments. How do I get them involved without forcing?

Ok some girls and blokes out there don't share a common interest in choosing flowers or picking decorations like some of us do,
and that's ok. We can't combine a lack of interest of flowers to a lack of interest in marrying you. 
The key here is to know what things they do enjoy, and encourage their input or suggestions in these areas.
1.  A big important factor of the wedding is the food. Everyone loves to eat and loves to eat well. 
So this is usually a good starting point for fiancé involvement. Ask them along to some food and beverage tastings and make a fun day out of it. Even perhaps bring along some friends and make it a group day out.
2. Suits & Dresses. Guys or gals, this is always a fun group day out also when purchasing the suits and frocks. Mix in some afternoon beverages and make a un day out of it with your friends and bridal party.

The overarching theme here is to keep it relaxed and fun.
Stick to taking time out for yourself and as a couple.
Remember to keep doing the things you love and seek the right people to give the right advice and assistance.
Communicate well with your partner, friends, family and suppliers
and you have yourself a recipe for a relaxed and seamless wedding experience, I promise.

Enjoy the journey!
- Lauren x