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Every one of us has our own idea of what it means to be successful.
To some it's measured by achievements. Some say wealth. Possessions.
The title under your name on the email footer. 
Late last year I made the decision to stop chasing whatever success meant
and swap it with chasing the most important things in life I value.

If you could name the top five values in your life that you use or believe in, every single day to better yourself and help govern the life you're striving to live, what would they be?

It's when I put pen to paper that I became clear that my values didn't match my actions.
My actions reflected my hobbies and because I wasn't servicing my values, it took a huge toll on my health and well being, my friendships and relationships,
my work ethic... and the ripple effect continued.

When it comes to business I know how detrimental it is to begin with
a vision, a mission and a set of values.
When you set these out you always find a close correlation to your own personal VMV.

Rewind to early last year,  I felt like I wanted a purpose. Something to do, to build and grow.
You know, something that gave me a reason to get up out of bed every morning.
And so I chased a hobby and made an error of judgement.
Our Etc. Events vision, mission and values sat framed in the store I had created
but never hung upon the walls. Every day I read them like it was almost confirmation this is what my day was going to be based around. But these were two completely different businesses
so of course those values never matched my actions.

I know how testing, timely, exhausting, happy and exciting business is. I have been through it before. But it doesn't serve anyone if it isn't serving what you value most in life.
The most important things to me are my Friends and Family, My health and mindset,
Being available and able to give and share inspiration and educate,
Freedom to wonder, and Time -to enjoy, stop, reflect, just sit.
When I opened House of Bloom, I didn't have these things in mind. I had accidentally replaced it with a routine that ultimately drained any chance of me being able to do what I truly wanted.
And so; I have made the decision to put my own values first. Above any status, any wealth, any possessions and certainly above that title on my email footer because at the end of the day none of those things are worth anything if you don't have your family and friends,
your healthy mindset, your freedom, your down-time or that genuine smile on your face
where you just glow.

This is where I close the doors to a shop that represents a jam-packed eight months of learning and growing. Meeting so many wonderful locals who supported me and genuinely loved our products and service. Having a team of people around me who embraced the shop like it was their own and rode every wave with me. To having the most lovely neighbours, corporate clients and business friendships who took a punt in supporting my new shop.
I sincerely want to thank each and every one of you for your kindness and support.
It truly means the world.

As the House of Bloom chapter closes, I am genuinely so excited for my next one to begin.
My passion for weddings and events is still as strong as ever and is still growing faster than I can keep up with so I am eager to dive back into Etc. Events full time once again. 
I'll still be playing with flowers and have some ideas around this for a time in the future.
For the first time in a while I am so excited to slow life down, enjoy it and live it instead of working in it.

2017 has taught me this:
- I am not superwomen. I can't do everything (...all at once)
- Make choices around my values. Not around quick actions.
- Slow down. 
- Sit on ideas for a little while before jumping into them head first with out any safety gear! 
- Make time for the things I want. Not excuses.
- Clear my calendar instead of filling it for routine and 'purpose'.
- Be gracious and thankful... for both the amazing days and the errors in judgement.
- Nothing is a failure if you learned something from it because there is nothing more powerful than a wealth of knowledge and education.

So, what can you take away from 2017?
And what can you implement in 2018 for your best and fullest year yet?

From the bottom of my heart. I sincerely thank you Bairnsdale.
- Lauren

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What this means for existing House of Bloom wedding clients:
Quotes and bookings won't be affected at all for existing House of Bloom wedding clients.
This now simply means all bookings will be under our Etc. Events brand. Still managed and created by myself.

What about future enquiries?
We ask all enquiries for events and weddings please be made via Etc. Events contact.

Corporate accounts:
Enquiries for corporate floral accounts will now be made via Etc. Events.
Floral accounts will no longer be available for small or 'daily' orders. Minimum spends/quantities will come into play as this will now fall under an 'event' enquiry.

Where will Etc. Events be based?
We will remain based in Bairnsdale and still continue to cater throughout Gippsland, Melbourne and Victoria-wide. This will remain unchanged.


Bairnsdale folk; we will be selling a range of glass vases, sundries, gift cards, teas to clear.
Along with our furnishings such as leather woven rugs, work benches,
emerald velvet chairs, dining table sets + more.

Closing down sale will be on a weekend, date to be announced in the near future.
Pick ups only.
Stay tuned on our House of Bloom Facebook page for more details soon.