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Best DIY Backyard Soirees

In the true spirit of Aus day, we dive into the Etc. archives to bring together our favourite backyard party ideas to feast your DIY eyes on.

Behold, a montage of the all time best of the humble 'Backyard soirees' we've had the pleasure of creating over the past 5 years along with inspiration from our fellow Australian Stylists too as well as our top guidelines on how you too can throw an awesome backyard celebration!

Hot little Etc tip 1: Put your creative cap on by incorporating recycled materials into your party, giving them a new use with a clever twist.

Hot little Etc tip 2: Get crafty and pay a visit to good old Spotlight and pick up some linen fabrics, twine, ply cut outs and craft paint and put those into swing to create bunting and signage for your party.

Hot little Etc tip 3: Spend your Saturday morning visiting your local Op Shops and Garage Sales. Keep your eye out for cool pieces of vintage or retro furnishings, rugs, and lighting to provide different seating options and quirky styling.

Hot little Etc tip 4: Ok, who doesn't know a handy tradie these days.. put those building, measuring and ute skills into action and pay a trip to Bunnings (our favourite store!) and wonder down the timber aisles to take home and build your own Giant Jenga, Naughts and Crosses or Coights games to keep your guests entertained with some old fashioned lawn games.

Hot little Etc tip 5: All those sauce bottles, jam jars and tomato tins you usually toss away into the garbage.. keep them! Use these as vessels for your foliage or blooms. See the labels on to add that extra little kick of quirk.

Wether it be your backyard lawn, the back shed, decking or a cool tent... go back to basics and inject some creative DIY elements into your Backyard styling. We promise you'll have a lot of fun doing so!

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