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5 Reasons you're not allowed to Wedding-Stress


5 Reasons you're not allowed to Wedding-Stress

There seems to be, unfortunately, the idea that the words 'Stress' and 'Wedding' go hand in hand as soon as you announce your engagement.

How many of you have been asked straight off the bat, 'have you set a date yet?' Then comes, 'Ooh you best get on to it before things are booked out' and then you hear comments like 'weddings are so stressful!'
Before you've even looked into planning things, society says, freak out!
Well I'm here to reassure you that you honestly don't have to, and here's why;

1) Enjoy your engagement.
There is no rush to the alter so plan things in YOUR time and enjoy the time you have with your fiancé.
There is no rule book with a limit of how long you're allowed to be engaged for. It's your lives so take the reigns and do things at your own speed.

2) Ask the Pros.
When it comes to getting the wedding ball rolling, chat to the professionals. Pick their brain on their experience and ask loads of questions. If you're planning your own wedding; vendors are your best go-to's.
Research their testimonials from other couples and their experiences with these suppliers too.

3) Book a Wedding Fairy God Mother.
If you can, invest in a Wedding Planner.
There are loads of elements to consider within a wedding. And not just the wedding itself, but elements within your venue, your catering, your styling etc etc.
Your planner will highlight the things you may have never considered and ensure everything is looked after.
Take a Marquee for instance; We'll consider the location, access to power, adequate flooring for your band, access to kitchen facicilites and restrooms, adequate lighting, and logistics.
A marquee is virtually a blank canvas in which the event needs to be built from the ground up.
If you have a great Wedding Planner, there is no excuse for stress!

4) Remember who's day this is.
Whilst we love those close to us, there will be times when things are wanted a certain way because it's most comfortable for them. If that person isn't you or your hubby-to-be, please don't feel obligated to change things.
We've come across clients who want to please their guests, and guess what, you can! But this is your free pass to be somewhat 'selfish' and enjoy your wedding day as you would like to. In order to be selfless, you have to be a little selfish.
Sometimes taking friends or family out for a coffee and casually explaining why it means a lot to have 'x' don't in a certain way, and mentioning how nothing would mean more to you than to have their full confidence in your decisions, can relieve some of the pressure there.

5) Stay in touch with yourself.
Don't let your wedding take over your life.
Just the same as you wouldn't let work take over your life. Remember to take the time out as a couple and as individuals and do the things you love.
Whether that's Yoga, Socialising with friends, Having a movie night or Reading a good book. Don't forget to live ;)

See; 5 great, noteworthy reasons why you're not allowed to stress. And to further assist with this topic and remembering to stay in touch with who you are and not let weddings become your life (That's my job guys) we are rolling out mini date-night packs.
Give us a comment or email if you'd like to get your hands on one.
Only a limited number available!

- Lauren x

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