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H+W Hack #ONE

It's day eight in the new year, you're feeling fresh, inspired and ready to tackle what ever life throws at you. BUT... where the heck do you even start when it comes to truly harnessing the motivation to becoming the best version of yourself?

We break down our first Health & Wellbeing hack for twenty-seventeen and delve into the straight-up raw reasons why you deserve the best out of this year and how to get it with our top four easy steps.

Source:  Samantha Wills  Instagram

Source: Samantha Wills Instagram

Step one:
Quit the excuses.

Sounds pretty simple right? But there is in-fact more depth to this than meets the eye.
A lot of the time we get caught up in a off-balanced routine where we throw around excuses like 'I don't have enough time' or 'I don't have enough money' or 'I don't know how to do that!' but rarely do we step back and take a look at the bigger picture here. Instead we manifest that little 'I can't' into a mountain of despair and we give up, throw ourselves a little pity party and go into a negative downfall. 

Let's take a look at Barak Obama for a second here.
Busy man, right? Guess what; He has the same 24 hours in his day that we do. I can bet he doesn't say 'Sorry I can't really address the nation right now because I don't time'.
What about Nelson Mandela. 'Ohhhh I can't stand up for human rights because I don't how'.
These greats used their 24 hours efficiently, educated themselves and surrounded themselves with likeminded people to help reach those goals. And they were once out of the headlines and like every single one of us.
My point being, stop the excuses because we're all human and all capable. It comes down to how badly you want it and that will determine how much time, energy, motivation and passion you pour into your own wellbeing. Mandela didn't give up after his numerous prosecutions thinking the world was against him. He believed in himself and in his cause and persisted. If he believed in himself that much then why can't we all delicate a little belief to our own selves. Aren't we worth that? Heck yes we are!

Source:  The Daily Mark  Instagram

Source: The Daily Mark Instagram

Step Two:
Your 100 things:

An all important piece of life is to remember to do the things that make you happy. Set goals and smash them out of the park.
The best thing I discovered was curating a list of your 100 things to do this year.
- Grab a pen, a piece of paper and number it 1-100.
- Write down 100 things you want to do, see, achieve in 2017. 

It doesn't have to be one hundred epic outrageous things, although putting the big scary goals on there isn't such a bad thing, but it can be the simple little things also. It can be creative, adventurous, silly or serious. It can be whatever you like.

For example, My twenty-sixteen list featured things like; Move to the city, Buy fresh produce from the markets, Learn yoga, Find a job I truly love, Ride a bike, Fly on a airplane, Attend a workshop....
All little slices of the things that make me happiest.

This is THE perfect time for your 100 thing list and I can guarantee this time next year when you read through your list, you will have ticked things off without even realising it. 
At new years I went through my list and ticked off what I had done over the past year and it's actually so fulfilling to read what you'd noted down and tick off those things.
Best of all, there's zero pressure to tick everything off. If you tick ten things off in the year then you're flying!
Making this goal setting list plants a little seed in your mind and you'll find subconsciously you'll start doing the things you love like it's second nature. 

Source:  Lisa Messenger  Instagram

Source: Lisa Messenger Instagram

Step Three:
It's the little things that count:

- Smile more
- Pay a compliment
- Show gratitude

Those three little things can be practiced daily and takes little effort but goes such a long way.

In our busy day-to-day lives amongst the hustle and bustle of work we tend to walk like we're on a mission at the speed of light. Headphone in, head tilted down at our phones or starring into the pavement and our faces so serious. Why?
Unplug and be present as to whats going on around you. Set the alarm 10 minutes earlier so you can breathe and take your time. Look up towards the sun and smile more. 

How many times have you walked passed someone, served a customer or come into the office and noticed that person's outfit is gorg!? Tell them. 
A simple, 'Love your jacket, where did you get it from' or 'Your makeup looks great today' or 'You really nailed that presentation, awesome work!' or the ultimate simple thing like wishing your retail server a nice day goes a long long way.
Pay a compliment, wish someone a nice day and the universe can only be good to you. 

Source:  Lisa Messenger  Instagram

Source: Lisa Messenger Instagram

Step Four:
My favourite F's:

Food - Nourish your body with the freshest foods you can get your hands on. Wether your a budding Master Chef or not, get in the kitchen and try cooking a new recipe. It's about learning what's in your food by cooking from scratch and avoiding those pre-jarred marinades etc.
Try ditching the wines, pre-packaged foods and take-out for one week and I promise your body will love you for it.
Stuck for inspiration? We're LOVING this pulled pork in vietnamese pancake recipe from the ultimate boss-babe Michelle Bidges. You can find it here in her new recipe book 'Food For Life'

Image Source:  Spa + Clinic

Image Source: Spa + Clinic

Fitness - It goes without saying that endorphins do wonders for you so why wouldn't you want more of it!? Now this kind of relates back to the excuses topic at number one, but let's put a couple of easy steps in place to eliminate that devil on your shoulder.
- No time? Set the alarm 10 minutes earlier and do a mini workout before work.
- No Motivation? Before you go to bed, put your gym clothes at the end of your bed ready for when that alarm goes off. The hardest part is putting those running shoes on and just get going.
- No money for a trainer? Download the seven minute workout app here:
  Read the Urban list's blog on Melbourne's best free workout spots.
  Grab a buddy and your dog and go for a walk or run.

Friends (and family) - Surround yourself with the people that mean the most to you. These guys will support you, cheer for you, advise you and lift you. Get social, show off your new cooking skills and enjoy yourself in good company.

Source:  Samantha Wills  Instagram

Source: Samantha Wills Instagram

If your a Bride, A Mother, A Workaholic (that's me!) or your average Joe; Every single one of you deserve to be the best version of you. And once you jump onto that path of self happiness and nourishment, it becomes a little addictive and super contagious.

Your vibe attracts tribe!
- Lauren x


Read some good tips here?
Share with your gal-pals and get motivated together! 

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