Let me tell you a story...


Let me tell you a story...


From little things, Big things grow.

Etc. Events was founded in 2011, 
born from Lauren's fond memories of close-knit family gatherings
all throughout her childhood.

With a strong belief that the atmosphere of love, laughter,
passing each other the gravy at the dinner table and eating amazing food amongst your favourite people was a feeling the Wedding industry needed a reminder of.

Having this spirit in mind, the Etc. brand was set to ensure this was the emotion it captured, paired with beautifully styled settings to form the foundation
for couples and guests to create their next chapter of memories meaningfully.

Growing her brand to an aspiring company
with a creative team built around strong values, visions & amazing life experiences
sets the foundations for a team to not only inspire visually, but personally.

Etc. are true believers in doing what they love & spreading this motivation throughout the wider community in the form of celebrating Weddings, Birthdays, Holidays,
Achievements, A great cup of coffee (They love their coffee) in perfect style.

"Because the best things in life are meant to be shared."



Lauren / Creative Director

My mind is always conjuring up the next design, the next interactive marketing idea,
the next business workshop,  in-store activation,  or the next wild business ambition.
Creativeness, inspiration and empowerment runs in my blood and are things I'm so very passionate about.

The art of design and how a series of little details can be strung together to create an extraordinary experience; wether that be in the form of an event, wedding or retail setting is what really fascinates me.

Ask me a question about branding, marketing, VM or business in general and I'll have to warn you, I'll likely turn into the biggest business nerd you've seen. I love it and I love teaching people about it, too.

My other loves are my family, friends, flowers, food and writing.
I enjoy being able to spend time with the people that mean the most to me.
That's very important.
I am continuously intrigued by mother nature's flowers. There's nothing quite like having a hint of your garden in your home. You'll always find me around flowers and was fortunate enough to create a retail brand 'House of Bloom' that 100% captured that part of me.
This brand was later sold to Dahlsens Mitre 10 in early 2018 and I'm delighted to still be very much involved in that refreshed business today.
The inner Melbournian has got me, and yes I take my food and my coffee seriously.
You can't beat a good latte and South Melbourne brunch!
And finally, writing. It has lead me on a path of contributions to editorials and publications around the globe, launching a mini magazine, steering me towards a VM role for Cotton On Body, delving in to the marketing world, Speaking gigs and I can't wait to see where it leads me next.

Best wishes,

Lead by founder, Lauren Pool,
Etc. Events uphold their mission to shift the perception
on the importance of self-happiness,
and engage society in celebrating life's greatest achievements.