let me tell you a story...


let me tell you a story...


From little things, Big things grow.

Founded in 2011 fresh out of university and full of passion for that over-joying feeling of family gatherings, 
Lauren saw a gap in the attention to the personal touches in such a momentous day for
couples in her rural home town.
With an idea and  loads of enthusiasm, Etc. Events was born
and so the journey began to cure Gippsland of bland parties.

'Starting out with humble beginnings and staying open & grounded is key
to remaining so passionate for the industry.'

Lauren had fond memories of close-knit family gatherings all throughout her childhood
and believed the atmosphere of love, laughter, passing each other the gravy at the dinner table
and eating amazing food amongst your favourite people
is a feeling the Wedding industry was in need of.
With this spirit in mind, the Etc. brand was set to ensure this was the emotion it captured
and paired with beautifully styled settings to form the foundation
for couples to create their next chapter of memories meaningfully.

Growing her business to an aspiring company
with a creative team built around strong values, visions & amazing life experiences
sets the foundations for a team to not only inspire visually, but personally.

Etc. are true believers in doing what they love & spreading this motivation throughout the wider community
in the form of celebrating Weddings, Birthdays, Holidays,
Achievements, A great cup of coffee (They love their coffee) in perfect style.



Lead by founder, Lauren Pool,
Etc. Events uphold their mission to shift the perception
on the importance of self-happiness,
and engage society in celebrating life's greatest achievements.